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what happened to this treadmill?!

15 years ago

I admit to joining this forum with one big question in mind:

I have a True treadmill that's about 7 years old. Most of those years it was in a bedroom and used only rarely....maybe a total of 25 hours over all those years. It was never lubricated, either.

Recently we moved it to our unheated greenhouse and started using it more. Air has been as cold as 40F when we've used it. Mostly walking, not much running.

Today I looked out and saw that the belt has totally separated along the saw-edged seam where it was joined together.

Before I replace it, is it likely the cold caused this, or fluctuations in temp (it gets hot out there when it's sunny) or overtightening? I'd like to avoid the problem so I only replace it once.


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