best workout & gym trax for my ipod?


... I need new music: mostly for running but also for a full gym workout... I need some suggestions as I'm tired of listening to the same old stuff. I tend to buy stuff on itunes, not really wanting to mess my computer with the pirate programs.......

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this is a personal preference. i have nothing but upbeat punk rock or metallica type stuff on mine. it's soon time to get some new ones on mine too. after awhile you just don't get the same kick anymore.

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i have a few favorites that i run to: Fur Elise (techno remix): Beethoven, I'm so much cooler online: Brad Paisley, Sandstorm: Darude, and Shut up and Drive: Rihanna. I also like a lot of songs by the Presets on their Apocalypso album.

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