How can I get started?


I am 68 years old in 4 days time - I have chronic asthmawhich is often very much under control and neednt stop me exercising when I'm well.

I have been sitting around (next to my exercise bike which I just dont see anymore)and my muscles are just about non-existent. When I'm dressed I have a very passable figureand posture -I teach short courses on literature and home tuition no-one would guess the havoc underneath.

I need to exercise to help my: glaucoma/HBP/cholesterol readings.

When we are on holiday - if its on the flat - I can walk and walk and walk - and feel much better - but our last holiday was June 2005. My DH doesn't walk much because of sciatica and arthritic knees - I dont seem to have any bone or joint problems.

It will be several days for me to recover from the asthma/bronchitis and the medication but I would love for someone to try to get me up and at it - just to tighten up the muscles and get walking.

Am I just lazy I wonder - if so - maybe you can help anyway

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If you feel better when you walk, why aren't you going out for walks? If you don't want to walk in the area around your home, you can go to a closed mall to walk - most places have groups that get together to walk the mall before it opens.

Or find some neighbors to walk with.

Maybe get rid of the bicycle and get a treadmill instead.

If you want to stay home and exercise you can buy some exercise videos and work out at home - get whatever looks interesting to you. There's yoga, aerobics, Billy what-his-name, so many. The local library has them if you want to try them out first.

Our minds and bodies are the same - if you don't use them you will lose them.

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A few years ago I got a dog.He gets me out walking several times a day.

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Hi Jankkin, I agree with the above advice.

Perhaps you are like a lot of us - it sounds worse than it is. Why don't you try for a 10 minute walk today and then reward yourself with some reward (non-food).

Good luck and let us knwo how you are doing.

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My road to better health began with a neighbor who offered to walk with me every night when she got home from work. From there I signed up for water aerobics at the senior center. Once I was a little stronger, I started the senior strength classes. I was unable to move for several days after the first class, but now I sail through them with ease. I started Tai Chi, but that proved to be too hard on my knees. I would love to find a class in Qijong. For me the answer is being responsible to a group. At home alone just doesn't cut it. I have an exercise bike at home, but use it for high blood sugar emergencies. Understand that I am a life-long couch potato. It has been an 18 month crawl up to reasonable strength. For years I was warned that if I didn't do something about my health I would develop heart disease. Oh well, I thought, everybody gets heart disease if they live long enough. Now I have diabetes and it has all gotten very, very serious. Dying is one thing - living with blindness, amputated feet, or early on-set Alzheimers is quite another. I saw a neurologist not long ago. He said the answer to good brain function is simple: exercise, exercise, exercise. Like most people I fear a loss of mental accuity, so that really helps to keep me on the straight and narrow.

I am lucky enough to live with a mile of one of the country's finest senior centers, but most of the people I know there are motivated enough to drive in from other towns at 7:30 in the morning. That's dedication!!

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sounds to me like first you just need strength.

take some weights around the house, try tomoato sauce cans, WHATEVER! and start working your muscles.. it will enliven them.. you will feel like, hey, i have muscleds...

just start to get PHYSICAL.. wash more dieshes than you stick in the dishwasher.. park your car a little further than you need to ...

eventually it becomes a disease in itself: you will want to exercise your muscles...the rest will take care of itself.

STRENGTHEN in a small way the muscles you have .....

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Here's an easy one: Turn on some great music to clean house, or just because, and dance! You don't have to be a great dancer, all you have to do is move.

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