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18 years ago

I am 68 years old in 4 days time - I have chronic asthmawhich is often very much under control and neednt stop me exercising when I'm well.

I have been sitting around (next to my exercise bike which I just dont see anymore)and my muscles are just about non-existent. When I'm dressed I have a very passable figureand posture -I teach short courses on literature and home tuition no-one would guess the havoc underneath.

I need to exercise to help my: glaucoma/HBP/cholesterol readings.

When we are on holiday - if its on the flat - I can walk and walk and walk - and feel much better - but our last holiday was June 2005. My DH doesn't walk much because of sciatica and arthritic knees - I dont seem to have any bone or joint problems.

It will be several days for me to recover from the asthma/bronchitis and the medication but I would love for someone to try to get me up and at it - just to tighten up the muscles and get walking.

Am I just lazy I wonder - if so - maybe you can help anyway

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