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do you collect any kitchen stuff?

11 years ago

I collect anything PIGS and have a ton of it in my kitchen. Dish towels, cookie cutters, 5 cookie jars, bacon presses, pot holders, etc.

Have 2 pizza peels... guess not officially a collection till I find a third.

Have to restrain myself when I see a crust piece of cast iron... Lodge, Griswold, etc... unless it's something I don't already have.

Have MANY tea balls... and I rarely even drink tea?? Most were a dime or a quarter at yard sales. Most expensive was $5... market STERLING. Most "unusual" might not even be a tea ball... it's the size of a softball?? Either for making a massive amount of brewed tea or maybe to contain herbs/spices in big vat-o-stock??

Find large glass crocks hard to resist... for flour, sugar, cat food!?!

Have a lot of cloth napkins... rarely if ever use them? Initially, thinking of being greener and using them instead of paper towels... but just don't have the heart to end up staining some "vintage" linen napkins.

What is in your kitchen that you consider a collection?

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