REBOUNDING - mini trampoline for weight loss


have been using mine daily now for a couple of weeks. I love it. I am in the basement and I do not jump high because of ceiling clearance.

I do not get any height at all. I use it for about 10 mins - and it is great. I want to be able to take it outside and do this in the sunshine to get some free D3 on my skin but I will wait until it is warmer.

I use this with stretchy bands and stretching dvds.

Along with NO sugar. NONE, in ANY form. Organic. Gluten free.

I have lost a couple. Going more for inches, tho.

Good luck to everyone in their strive to be healthy!


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Well good for you! You've only lost "a couple?" I used the rebounder once, and it made my knees sore. Glad to hear you are having success with it.

Remember there are lots of natural sugars in fruits, milk too. But I think what you are saying is that you are eating no added white sugar, like in baked goods, coffee, jam, etc.

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pretty cool, I jump rope.

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perhaps research vibration machines (amazon, sears etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: vibration machines

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I found this topic a few weeks ago while searching for a trampoline to do some exercise while I'm at home. Because I had no examples of what to look for, I did some research and found out what's the best to start with. I purchased one from JumpSport which does the job.

I hope this info/example will help others in their search.

Here is a link that might be useful: fitness trampoline

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