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I don't think multi-vitamin is neccessary for me

15 years ago

I lived with my parents ever since the day I was born for 20 years. I had pretty much everything. When I left home for my education, I became a strict vegetarian for 10 years. Family and friends had always encouraged me to quit being a vegetarian. I was convinced, yet I do not consume red meat much. I have most of the time chicken about 5 meals per week and one fish meal once a week or more. I eat at least 4 servings of fruit and vegetables (I love them). My mom still is concerned my being lacking of nutrients and insist that I have to take multi-vitamin every day.

Since I eat a lot of vegetables, I don't need the extra vitamin C in multi-vitamin. In my diet, it's most multi-grain or whole grain, some soy protein, yogurt almost everyday. The only thing I may be lacking perhaps being Vitamin B or B complex and iron, perhaps some fish oil or flexseed oil, right? Any suggestions? Thanks

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