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Outdoor grill for solar powered home - gas or electric?

15 years ago

I'm building a home which is being claimed as "zero-energy", meaning it generates as much electricity as it consumes annually. And with a 3.5kW photovoltaic system, 80-gallon solar thermal system and the most efficient lighting, air conditioning and appliances out there it will produce as much as the occupants will consume. However, I love my outdoor propane gas grill. If I want to keep the home a true zero-energy consumer I would have to go with an electric outdoor grill. I'm thinking about the All Seasons grill from Kenyon. It's pretty modern and sleek looking and will work well with my modern design. But best of all I can cook using free energy from the sun. However, my concern is whether or not electric grills are any good for the actual duty of cooking. Does anyone out there have any experience with electric grills and are there any recommendations? I chose the Kenyon product exclusively on looks and have no idea about its performance. Any help is appreciated!

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