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signs of snake(s) in house

18 years ago

Yesterday we discovered four (4!!) shed snake skins in our basement above the insulation near the ceiling. I put in a call to an exterminator, but they haven't returned my call. Anybody out there real knowledgeable about snakes? We have no idea how the snake(s) got in. Our house is 10 yrs old and pretty well sealed.

How do we know if they've left?

Is it likely there was more than one, or could one have left multiple skins? Guess that would mean he took up residence for awhile, right?

Our neighbors cleared out the woods behind their house recently with a bobcat. Our guess is that disturbed home for some of God's creatures. We do have copperheads in our area. That's what has me the most concerned.

If I get a professional to help us out, what will they do?

Any advice would be helpful.

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