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For Summerfield and other layout gurus, please review

12 years ago

My friend had some plans drawn out by a designer, but I wanted to run it by my trusted gardenwebbers to see if it could be optimized. She is building the house with a space for an elevator and entrance ramp so that her aging parents can live with her comfortably for decades (They are still quite spry). She is also putting in room in the basement for future live-in help. She is single but obviously needs to plan a family home for future possibilities as well as future resale

I have hand copied the designers work since I did not feel comfortable posting the originals. The footprint is 3% over code and the variance may be difficult to get so look at the plan with an eye to possibly cutting down some footprint space.

First Floor

There are three steps from the mudroom to the first floor that could be traversed with a future ramp (circled). One thing I see immediately is that the doorways through the butlers pantry are really narrow.

Second Floor

This designer seems to like entry alcoves but it seems to me like that is wasted space. There are three full baths and four bedrooms up here.


The "crafts room" and "play room" here are potentially be a bedroom and living room for the future live in helper but I think the rooms need to be reversed since there is no possible egress window out the "crafts room (future bedroom).Perhaps the "helper suite" should encompass the exercise toom and play room area to address the issues of egress.

Thanks in advance for reviewing these plans!

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