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Dionne quint dolls

18 years ago

Have a set of infant Dionne quint dolls to dress. The dolls were found when cleaning a family home for estate sale. There were all the parts in porcelain 'greenware'.. there is embossed lettering at the base of the head which does spell out "Dionne". Other research indicates that Madame Alexander was the 'official' licensed maker of Dionne quint dolls, Can anyone tell me if there were legitimate molds available that could be used to make the Dionne quint dolls. These dolls are about 8-10 in and are definitely infant dolls. I did find a picture on the net of the girls dressed in frilly dresses with bonnets, with pastel colored bows. pink, blue, green, yellow, lavander.

What kind of value might they have? Unfortunately, they were painted and fired as regular ceramic greenware, taken to a 'doll hospital' to be assembled because the person who got them was too young to recognize the "Dionne" name embossed on the head. Any ideas? help? Verna

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