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'Neighbors' are throwing trash onto my property!

Beth Parsons
16 years ago

I live on 6 acres in what was a once pretty rural area. Over the past few years, farmland has given way to crowded subdivisions and we have lots of new transplants to the area. Fortunately, the houses are very nice and upscale, although the people living in them certainly are not!

I was walking along our back fence today on a nature hike with my 2 young children. We have 4 homes that back up to our property and at every parcel, the owners have tossed trash (soda bottles, plant tags, grocery bags) and yard waste (limbs, leaves, rocks and even bricks) over the fence onto our property. Of course I can't prove they actually committed the acts and there is no identifying information, but I have pictures of this fence line from when the houses were being and the brush and trash was not there then!

If you were in my shoes, how would you confront the homeowners? My husband is ready to go over and take off some heads and threaten legal action, but I prefer a more subtle approach with hints of establishing a pig farm in our back field with an old dilapidated trailer as their sty if they do not cease littering on our property!

WTH is wrong with people today, anyway?!?

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