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Where Are Your Talent Genes? Decorating? Baking? What?

14 years ago

Trailrunner's post about her DD showing her how to use scarves (in Bumblebeez' scarf thread) got me thinking. As my own DD matures (she's almost 16 now), I'm amazed at her seemingly inborn talent to create wonderful hairstyles for herself and her friends, because that talent did NOT come from me! Do you think creativity in different areas such as hair, clothes, decorating, gardening is something we're genetically programmed for? She's already a very good decorator, but kills every plant she touches. But she is incredibly creative when it comes to putting together really great outfits. Although I'm no slouch, I can only deal with putting together classic-style outfits. Ask me to put together something trendy and I'll come out looking like a sad gypsy! I have no vision that way.

So, how about you? What kind of creative genes did you end up with . . . and which ones were given out while you were out of the room????



~ Decorating: for me it's always been incredibly easy to visualize redecorating rooms. I've been like this since age 3, my parents tell me.

~ Hair: definitely out of the room when this was handed out!

~ Clothes: nope, just average

~ Musically: love it but can't play a thing. I'm decent at singing, but can't figure out where DD got her talent for it. Not from DH or myself!

~Painting/Drawing/Sculpture: I have a good eye for it but, sadly, no talent in creating any of these.

~ Sewing: nope! I can sew, but not well or creatively

~Writing: this I can do. I was an editor of our school newspapers, and several newsletters as an adult, too. I taught an after-school course in journalisnm at DD's school and was the adult sponsor of their yearbooks. I was editor of our state gardening newsletter for a few years, but quit to be a SAHM after we adopted our son. My cousin is a very successful children's book author and lecturer. I envy her that and keep thinking I'd like to try writing a book someday.

~Dance: definitely out of the room when these talent genes were passed out!

~Landscape Design/Gardening: love it. I can visualize things, it's not easy. Although I'm a Master Gardener, I honestly have no real talent there!

~Cooking & Baking: I love to cook and am pretty talented in this area. It seems to run in my very large family with my brothers as well as my sisters (some are chefs and restaurant owners). This has to come from my mother because Dad can't even boil water (seriously)! But, I have absolutely no desire ~or talent~ when it comes to baking anything.

So, how about you?


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  • mitchdesj
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I can do many things but I have no particular talent ; I really don't know what people will say at my eulogy. I'm not known for anything particular.
    I could say I'm a good multi-tasker; DH has no assistant/secretary when he's home so for the last year I've been that for him as well as his travel agent year round. I ran my own art gallery for 4 years, although I had never owned a business.

    Jack of all trades master of none, is that how it goes , lol ?

  • IdaClaire
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Interesting question! I think sometimes it's all too easy to get down on ourselves and dwell on what we can't do (well, at least I get that way on occasion) -- so this is a nice way to consider what we're good at for a change.

    --Decorating. I like to think I can envision a look and carry it out. I think I'm good at creating a pleasing and harmonious feel in a space.

    --Typing. I can type like there's no tomorrow. I don't remember what my typing speed was the last time I was tested, but it's up there. And it's highly accurate (most of the time).

    --Writing. I think I'm fairly capable of putting words together to accurately convey what's going on in my head. I love to write, although I find myself engaging in it sporadically. I'd like to discipline myself to write more often, even during those times when I'm mentally blocked.

    --Photography. I've just recently discovered that taking pictures is something I really enjoy, and have been told by several people that I have a good eye for capturing images in an artful manner.

    --Drawing. I lived with a pencil in my hand during my childhood and through my teen years. This is a talent I haven't put to use in quite awhile, but I think I still have above average drawing abilities. I sketched a bit on vacation two years ago, and when I returned home I bought a nice pad of drawing paper and watercolor pencils. Alas, they have sat in a drawer unused; I must do something about that.

    --Organization. I think I have an inherent knack for organizing all kinds of things - physically and also when it comes to planning events. But I don't necessarily enjoy my organizational skills that much (possibly because I have to call upon them so often at my job).

    There are so many other things that I know I'm not good at: Singing (although get a margarita in me, and I'm up there belting out karaoke ;-), cooking/baking, gardening, fashion, dancing, sports, etc. But I'm thankful for the talents I do have, and now that they're fresh on my mind, I'm thinking I should concentrate on developing the ones that are newfound interests, as well as going back to the ones I've left behind over the years.

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  • CaroleOH
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I would say professionally I was a great project manager and enjoyed working with my customers.

    Personally, I think I'm a very good sewer and a very interested if not decent gardener.

    My personal hair style/clothing style leaves much to be desired! Think Eddie Bauer - comfy but not at all stylish! Ugh....

  • Sueb20
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    ~ Decorating: I find this easy. In fact, I get paid to do it sometimes. I was making Barbie houses and furniture out of cardboard boxes when I was little, so I guess it started early.

    ~ Hair: I just don't have "good hair." It's stick straight and does not behave. So I have, after many attempts at longer hair, settled on the "short and easy" hairstyle but still wish for long, wavy hair! Not gonna happen, though.

    ~ Clothes: I think I'd be much more stylish if I had more confidence in my body. But I'm carrying around 10-15 lbs. more than I should, and it makes me want to "blend in" rather than flaunt styles or colors. Also, I'm short, which makes it hard to carry off some styles. I try to make up for it with a large collection of fabulous, funky jewelry. But honestly, I wish I could walk around in my flannel pajamas 24/7.

    ~ Musically: Nuthin. I do sing in the car, when no one else is there to hear me!

    ~Painting/Drawing/Sculpture: I can appreciate others' work, and love having it in my house, but I can't produce, unless it's a floor plan!

    ~ Sewing: Nope.

    ~Writing: I can put a sentence together, but not sure I could write anything really substantial. I can tell you what's wrong with your writing, though! I was a college textbook editor before I decided to stay home with my kids. Then I went back to school for a certificate in Decorative Arts, and now I work part time as a decorator. Way more fun than editing textbooks.

    ~Dance: Only when I've had a few drinks.

    ~Landscape Design/Gardening: Love it, but have gotten lazy about it as I've gotten older and busier. My neighbors tell me I have a green thumb, though! I have one large flower garden/border that runs from my driveway to my back door, and I confine my gardening to that space only. That, I can handle.

    ~Cooking & Baking: I can cook, but I don't enjoy it. My mother was a gourmet cook, made big dinners every night, but I did not get that gene!

    Other: I am very organized, find it easy to stay on top of clutter and maintain everyone's schedules. Also I have been told by various people that I'm funny. And that I have good eyebrows.

  • johnmari
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I don't think I have much for specific talents where I really excel at something. Some say I can be funny but I've never been able to be intentionally funny. Sometimes I can write pretty well but again, it happens when it happens and if I try to write "to spec" it invariably stinks. I'm a decent cook who can throw together something (usually) edible from a random pantry, but I learned after finishing culinary school that I would never EVER approach the chefs in the top restaurants from a creative standpoint, I just don't think that way. (However, I can read a recipe and know exactly how it's going to taste and how the food will "behave" during preparation. It's easy for me to tell how many recipes in books and magazines were not tested before publication.)

    Decorating - assuming I have funding, I can put a room together that makes ME content, but whether it pleases anyone else's eye or whether I could do it for someone else is another question entirely.

    Performing arts? I'd make a cat laugh. Actually, I had a nice voice (you know, that Celtic flutelike soprano) up to the end of seventh grade - won some awards, went to All-State, blah blah - but did you know some women's voices "break" the same way boys' do when they reach a certain stage of puberty? In a matter of a couple of months I went from a pretty soprano to a rather terrible alto, and I went on to further ruin it with a dozen years of smoking. Can't read music to save my life though, I learned everything by ear. Now I sing in the car. With the windows up. LOL No dancing, gymnastics, or anything like that that requires coordination. Same for the visual arts, photography, etc. No can do.

    Sewing - anything I try to sew comes out looking like it came from the "Star Trek" wardrobe department. The OLD "Star Trek", where you could see the staples holding things together.

    Gardening? I can kill mint. Let's leave it at that.

    I'm completely hopeless at the girly stuff like fashion and hair and makeup. Every so often in the past I've thrown a wad of money at trying to learn to be a girly-girl (buying fashionable clothes and shoes - at least wearable ones - and fancy makeup and getting my hair done up to the nines and yadda yadda) and I come out of it looking, frankly, ridiculous. I look like someone else, not me, and I don't like or enjoy the whole process. And it's not a case of having to get used to it... I force myself to go through the motions for a few months and then the makeup goes to a friend for her daughter's dress-up box and the clothes and shoes are given away.

  • harriethomeowner
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have a real talent for music. I play the cello at a professional level and the piano as a good amateur. I've always been able to pick up an instrument and learn how to play it. No one else in my family has this talent, so I must be some kind of throwback!

    I think I have a knack for drawing (my mother, who spent a lot of time on art -- drawing, painting, sculpture -- used to say I had a good eye), but I haven't spent much time on it.

    Decorating and fashion: again, I think I do have a good eye, but one problem here is that I hate to spend money! I am never willing to overspend on anything to get a certain look. Instead, I first consider the least expensive option and move up only if it seems necessary.

    With regard to self-decoration, my natural looks don't support fussy details -- they are lost on me. I need to stick with simple things. I think sometimes it looks like I don't think about what I am wearing, but I do. I also hate to be uncomfortable, so no tight clothes, high heels, or body shapers for me. I used to make some of my clothes, and I have gotten interested lately in getting back into doing that; this may give me more options.

    Verbal talents: I am a decent writer and a very good editor. I am okay at basic verbal communication but not at all good at persuading other people to follow a particular course of action.

    I'm pretty good at thinking in a linear fashion and following logical instructions or coming up with a plan to accomplish a task. This applies to many areas: all of the above, plus things like cooking, home improvement projects, managing finances, and on and on. I think in another life I might have been a good engineer.

  • ttodd
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    My family always says painting (art) has always been my gift.

    Singing: I used to be a shower singer until I went to boot camp. I was always shy about singing but during a group song early on the Drill Instructors heard my voice and for the next 14wks. I would have to sing solo whenever they called upon me. You can't say no in the Marine Corps so I learned to close my house and open my mouth for the world to hear and finally after 21yrs. of shyness my confidence caught up w/ my voice was heard all over Paris Island. I learned to sing out in church on Sundays as it was my only form of expression during boot camp and pews of other recruits would just turn around and stare. Even though technically we were not 'supervised' at church male recruits and female recruits still weren't allowed to speak to eachother and there was one male company that would always turn around and go on and on about my voice. I avoided them as much as possible because DI's would keep coming over. It's funny now. Imagine 14 weeks w/ no music except me.

    Cooking and Baking: has to be in my families genes and thankfully I inherited them. I can't figure out how someone can follow a recipe and still have it come out icky. I can naturally change up recipes w/o thought and can 'read' and understand my oven.

    I wish I had a sewing gene!

    Oh - and I get all things girlie even though I am not. I love the look on peoples faces when they see me girlified instead of my day to day.

  • Ideefixe
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I think sometimes the "talent" we're praised for is the one we develop, and we never really get to practice the others. Talents, like muscles, need to be worked on to develop.

    I like to write, got praised for it in school, majored in English, got jobs as a writer. I always thought I did a pretty good job arranging my bits and pieces of decor, but figured that I worked best with words.

    Not until I lucked into a job as a TV producer did I realize that I have a pretty strong visual sense and a good eye for proportion and a good memory for color. Me, visually talented? I took classes in cinematography and lighting design, and worked on developing those skills.

    I don't draw, but mainly because I've not been formally taught how to draw. But all those CAD and Photoshop-type programs aren't hard to learn.

    Summing up, maybe the talents we think we lack are the ones we need to pump up the most.

  • User
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Talent huh? I got the music gene from Dad. Art and athletic gene from both parents. I'm a speedster on the keyboard (typing). It's to the point where my penmanship is suffering. I'm good with hair, nails, makeup, all the girly stuff etc. Fashion.. now that I'm older I lean for a more classic look. Trendy = extra money I don't have to be spending on clothes etc. Now my bff has the trendy thing down pat. Love her style.

    I want to be a great cook, sewer, gardener (we'll see how that goes this year) but so far it just doesn't come naturally to me and it's not something I really enjoy. Perhaps I just need to be taught!

    I really believe I'd like photography and at one point even considered going to school for it.

  • suero
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I'm great at finding bugs in software, but I don't know if that's a talent or a curse.

  • golddust
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Talent? I have none whatsoever. However, I am a great survivor.

  • User
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    lynne it wasn't me on the scarf thread...I haven't posted there. :)

    I have a talent for baking/cooking.
    I was a professional opera singer and taught piano for many years so music was my life.
    Physical challenges :)
    Gardening...I have lots of ambition but not so much talent. forte is getting things done.
    Seeing the big picture...lots of talent in that area.
    Very organized.

    Guess that is all. What an interesting thread. c

  • roobear
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    This has been a fun thread to read.

    Decorating: Is always easier for me with other people's rooms and homes than my own, but I do think my strong art and design background helps me to have at least a small idea of what I'm doing. My strengths in decorating would be in color and overall visual balance of a room.

    Hair: Both my sisters got this talent, but not me, the best I can do is curlers, a pony tail, or braids.

    Clothes: I would say average, I lean towards being comfortable over fashionable. I really am a Tee Shirt/Jeans/Sneakers type of girl.

    Musically: Yes, growing up I played the piano, trumpet and sax-I can play by ear easily and read music pretty well but I wasn't blessed with a great singing voice, just average.

    Painting/Drawing/Sculpture: I think my strongest talents are in the visual and computer arts, I'm very good at drawing/painting/graphic design and have had professional training in a lot of areas in art and design. I am however average at best with Sculpture/Ceramics/Jewelry/3D Animation, 3D does not come as easily for me as 2D except when decorating a room or CAD type programs.

    Sewing: Nope, I do know how to sew and cross stitch but it's been a long time, although I'm thinking of getting a machine at some point and learning again.

    Writing: I use to be good at this when I was younger, I can come up with good creative thoughts and ideas but I'm far from great at grammar, spelling, and typing.

    Dance: I think I have some talent in this, I've always loved to dance and took lessons in various styles growing up. I use to love drama and theater as well, I was in all my high school plays and loved the stage.

    Landscape Design/Gardening: I'm not sure because I haven't done a lot of it, I know I'm too fussy with the plants and they usually end up growing much better when I just let nature take care of them.

    Cooking & Baking: I would say just average or below and not something I love doing but I don't mind it.

  • postum
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Talents: I think my greatest talent is problem solving in general, that is, creating efficient solutions.
    I write a great deal of fiction; I have written several novels. (I am not good at rejection and after two polite "No thanks" I've stopped submitting.)
    I can draw very well in black and white; I have no eye for color.
    I'm very flexible and and strong. I used to do gymnastics; now I'm a yogini :-) I am also a very strong swimmer. (I'm lousy at every other sport.)
    I love gardening and am trying to grow my talent for it :-)
    I'm also good at speaking aloud - giving speeches, teaching classes, etc.

    I have no talent for music, decorating, dance, crafts, cooking, sewing, hair, fashion, photography, or typing. The only one of those I'd LIKE to be good at is decorating. Oh, well!

  • neetsiepie
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I absolutely lack the talent for flower arranging, gift wrapping, hair styling and cake decorating.

    I am very talented in spatial analysis and organization. I have a good eye for looking at a space and knowing within inches, what will fit. I'm a WHIZ at untangling knots.

    I'm pretty good at baking & cooking, but not so good at making up recipes. I can draw/paint/sculpt/sew well, and could do much better if I applied myself.

    Can't play an instrument, but that is only because I've not had any experience, but would love to learn cello (such a sensual instrument IMHO). I have an o.k. singing voice, more suited to chorus than soloist. I could act in a community play, if needed, but don't have a desire. Public speaking doesn't bother me.

    I'm good at putting together things that shouldn't be together...I had a great side business making garden art out of atypical items.

    My boss says I'm the best technical writer she's seen, and I have written several letters that attorneys thought were written by legal professionals. And occasionally I can write a short story. But I've never been able to write a poem or song.

    Oh, and I can't tie a scarf either. No matter how I try and how I study, just doesn't click with me.

  • lynninnewmexico
    Original Author
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    This turning out to be a very interesting thread! It's fun to read about everyone's hidden talents . . . and what they're not talented in ;^D

    I'd forgotten to mention acting and giving speeches: although I can easily stand up in a room with hundreds of people and give a speech, with or without notes, I could NEVER act on stage . . . not for love or money! No way/ never! I admire anyone that can do this, though.

    Trailrunner, I'm sorry; it was Cooperbailey who'd mentioned that her daughter had to teach her to wear scarves. My own DD comes in and applies eyeshadow for me on the few occasions when I wear it. She has a gorgeous voice and has been singing with a chorale group for the past seven years, but plans to major in Early American History and work in a museum someday. So you sang opera?!? How wonderful and interesting!

  • johnmari
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    "Summing up, maybe the talents we think we lack are the ones we need to pump up the most.

    OTOH, to quote Benjamin Franklin, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. :-) Just how long ought one whack one's head against a brick wall to realize that one does lack talents in a certain area and "it just ain't gonna happen", even with formal teaching and skilled teachers and wanting to know how to do something? I went through three instruments trying to develop musical ability (and it always took me a long time to learn a vocal song by ear, which frustrated my music teacher to no end) since my father was skilled enough with a bass violin to play in a small symphony orchestra and I always envied those with musical talents, but apparently I take after my mother who can just about carry a tune if you put a handle on it. If he puts his mind to it (although he doesn't really care to, it doesn't interest him much), DH can pick up the rudiments of almost any instrument you throw at him in a couple of days, it's enough to make you want to clobber him with a didgeridoo! Seven years with French classes (and much tutoring to keep from flunking said classes) and I could just about manage "la plume de ma tante est sur la table" at the end of it all. I took almost-daily classes for a total of five years in various visual arts like drawing and painting and photography - I used them to avoid the performing arts, which are an utter horror story - and there are gorillas who have more aptitude. The CAD and Photoshop-type programs you find "not hard to learn" are completely incomprehensible to me, how long should I torture myself with them?

  • hhireno
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Well, let's see....what are my talents?
    I have a good sense of humor and can find humor in almost any situation.
    I always look on the bright side of life (hee, hee...who has that song stuck in their head now??)
    I am a good cook and can also bake.
    I have absolutely no musical ability. Can't dance, don't ask me (hee, hee...who has that song stuck in their head now?), can't sing, can't carry a tune, can't play an instrument.
    I just returned from our HHI condo and I am still in love with all the choices I made for the reno and the decor so, at a minimum, I have the talent to please myself in decorating.
    I'm getting better with my hair but it's still kinda hit or miss. I do the same exact thing and get different results. Maybe I'm just getting better at accepting the results and not worrying about it? Either way, it's working for me.
    I have a higher than average level of creativity for things like party planning, picking out gifts, gift wrapping, etc.
    I am a faithful correspondent writing real letters or emails to keep in touch with friends, send thank you notes, commemorate milestones.

  • nicole__
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I used to play the clarinet & accordian, read music. Cook, garden, I have a certificate in dental assisting & a degree in Computer Info Tech. But...Now? Upholstering old chairs is something I'm pursuing! I'm getting ready to start another chair. I'm excited about it!!! FUN!

  • 2ajsmama
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have no talent at all. When I was younger, I could pick up languages fairly easily but I've forgotten how to speak Spanish (my 2nd language) now even though in college I read Don Quixote in the original.

    I used to be able to draw very well - so well that the HS coach asked me to design the mascot for the gym floor when he heard from biology teacher that "I could draw bugs good."

    I taught myself to read music and used to be able to transpose it on the fly (started playing piano, but never was able to pick up guitar which is supposed to be easier), had a nice tenor voice (though not a great range) and made All-States, but then my voice changed in college (Mari - I blamed it on the Pill) and now I'm just an alto and I can't read the bass clef anymore.

    I've always been very good at English and math (high SATs), found in college I cannot visualize things in 3D at all so forget about civil or mechanical engineering but I'm a whiz at calculus so quantum physics was a breeze as were all the electrical engineering courses. I'm also very meticulous, so programming in machine and assembly language was easy. Unfortunately, as with (human) languages, you don't use it, you lose it so I have forgotten everything I learned in college and grad school. I did work for years writing and reviewing technical specifications and contracts for the Navy.

    I can't sew, can embroider and quilt though. Can't decorate which is why I ask you all for help. Even with classes at modeling school I can't dress myself, do makeup or hair - I've always lived in jeans.

    I am pretty good at cake decorating and baking, but I'm an awful cook - can't seem to get things done to perfection all at the same time so part of dinner is overcooked while part is undercooked.

    Oh, I have morning sickness all the way through pregnancy, and since I started in my 30's, have had several losses, but baby watch out I can deliver with the best of them LOL! So quickly that if I ever carried to term again I'd have to spend the last month camped out on the hospital doorstep - DD was born 5 minutes after my water broke! Does that count as a talent LOL?

    I *can* however finish and refinish wood, do basic wiring and plumbing, and build halfway decent stone walls - all of which are serving me well at this point in my life! Now if I could only learn to paint walls without them looking blotchy...

  • cooperbailey
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Decorating: I like working on it and dreaming about it. I have a good color sense and can remember and hold colors in my head.I can make quick decor decisions and know they will work( for me) Not much spatial sense- my DH does that for me.

    Great curb shopper/Goodwill hunter/ fixer upperer

    ~ Hair: My hair was at its heyday when long and straight was in- it was way past my waist. Now it is short and still straight and looks different to me every day even if I do the same thing.

    ~ Clothes: am more comfortable in outdoorsy clothes but have a great time once in awhile in ooh la la evening gowns. I don't really accessorize on a daily basis. I tend to lose my earrings. and for me the outdoorsy girl- simple pendant or pearls with simple earrings are enough. Would like to someday.

    ~ Musically: MMMOOOOMMMM Turn the radio on is what I hear when I attempt to sing. I rarely sing - hurts my ears. Went caroling with a group once. nuff said. Go figure, my mom sang professionally too. I took violin and could read music. dropped violin for boys.

    ~Painting/Drawing/ painting and drawing- I think I have some talent but it has never been developed, it is on my list to do- my DD is an artist and my mom and both grandmoms were artists. I can do some things, but need to sit down and give it a good try. I will have DD teach me!

    Sculpture- does wood carving Santas from a book count? 3D is harder for me. the dang sides of the santas were not much to look at- front and back were ok. I couldnt figure out the sides.

    ~ Sewing: I used to teach quilting. Won a couple of blue ribbons at the state fair.(Cooper ate the quilts years later another story) But never ever could sew an item of clothing that didnt look like I Love Lucy's home made dress. I can't wait to tackle slipcovers somehow its different.

    ~Writing: yep. but it doesnt show up here I am usually in a hurry and thinking about colors and content rather than my writing.I write and take photos for our state association newsletter and edit other folks stuff as well.

    ~Dance: Maybe in high school but no more. Not even the electric slide or the funky chicken. I am good until you have to turn the other way then I can't do it at all.

    ~Landscape Design/Gardening: Am a gardener, not so much a designer/planner- more off the cuff- stick it here dig it up there kinda gal. not so much the planner.

    ~Cooking & Baking: My family thinks I am a food wiz! As a SAHM I tried out a lot of wonderful recipes and desserts every night. now not so much. I can bake and like to make my own pie dough. I also can my salsa and I like to make jam. I have fun just throwing stuff together from scratch. I can taste most recipes in my head.

    I also am amazing at untangling knots! woo hoo.

    Got kicked out of Brownies for talking too much.

    I am learning to juggle! and am not good at it!

    I can stand up and speak in front of a crowd or teach with or without notes. But I hate speaking in front of people I know like in a staff meeting.

    I am a wise a$$. If you can't laugh, then whats the use?

    I still can't do fractions. I used to measure 2/3 and 2/3 when I doubled a recipe. really.

    I am not a planner and I think being very organized takes away from my creativity time. And I hate it because there is no perfect place for everything, no matter how many organizing bins etc I get. ( yeh my desk is messy)

    I can drive a stick shift but not good at speed shifting anymore.

    Can't do flower arranging. There is that 3D thing again.

    I can refinish furniture, paint a room, use a band saw and other tools and more guy stuff get dirty kinda stuff.

    Good dog trainer - may go into that someday.

    But above all I am a great survivor!

  • cooperbailey
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Thread killer too!

  • igloochic
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I can speak fluent pig latin.

    I can read upside down.

    I can curtsey like a princess.

    None of these skills has helped me out much in life but they're good at parties :oP

    Ok really (wait those are talents heh heh) I think I am a pretty good decorator. In being a "good decorator" I think one has to have talents in a few areas like being able to visualize a space's future when it's a blank slate, or even worse when it's a mess. I have a good eye for textures and colors and in how they'll go together and a pretty good sense of scale.

    I don't "cook" but do bake. I was amateur chef of the world (ok seattle) in 198? ohhh so many years ago LOL for a recipe I developed but was challenged by a dear friend to also win a blue ribbon at the state fair before I could call myself really I did LOL My specialty is cheesecakes and they are where I've won awards. I develop all of the recipies myself. Ok wait that sounds like I actually do this I have an amazing talent to go buy a pie :oP I actually do hope to have a kitchen again in our new place so I can bake. I used to love it and would like to teach DS how so his dad dosen't win him over to the dark side (the grill).

    Now this is a funny skill, but honestly it's a talent....I speak fluent BS. I am in community relations and have been for many years and you'd be amazed at how many people can't answer a question with an intelligent line of crap when necessary. :) Given we're in oil and I was in banking, this skill is very important :oP

    I'm a very good writer when the mood strikes but my spelling sucks beyond the biggest hoover.

    I sew and love it but I only do big squares like drapery, quilts and pillows. I would rather be eaten alive by red ants than make clothing.

    and in that love of sewing I can incorporate my love of decoratimg, color and textures which I think are key to a successful project. I love love love to make crazy quilts.

    I have always wanted two talents I dont have...I will stop in my tracks to listen to a beautiful singing voice. Even my 4 year old asks me to stop singing if I am silly enough to attempt it. My voice is beyond horrible.

    I always wanted to draw, paint or sculpt. Watching someone creat art is such a fabulous experience. I can see what I want to create, and even understand how I should do it (from art classes) but there is some horrible disconnect between my hands and my brain that makes the greatest efforts turn out like the worst scribbles. I don't envy much in people...but those two talents I have always had great envy for. Those are such wonderful gifts that can take a person so far....even if it's just in the pleasure of their own company.

    I wish I had a talent for gardening. I have a heck of a garden now and don't know what to do with it because I don't know what's a weed and what is a flower LOL I can't conceptualize a garden. I think that hs something to do with one of my biggest faults...lack of patience. When I do something I want instant results (which is probably why I like to sew because you get a product as soon as you put two pieces of fabric together). I can't wait for some silly plant to grow and bloom so I fill the space with far too many to get instant beauty and always have to pull half the plants out so the silly things can grow properly. I know I do this...and have for years, but still do it anyhoo whenever I try to do something in the yard!

    LOL Sue, and I am NOT a good dog trainer...will you come to visit and plan a long stay my dear? My horrible little dog is beyond out of control. Really he's become a terrible frustration to me and DH (while he won't admit it) is just as bad. He barks at everything, won't obey, and has just recently developed the horrific habit of nipping!!!! That was enough to make me tell DH that we have to get him into a dog trainer. He's going to end up in serious trouble if that habit goes any further and neither of us know how to stop it!

    I got off track there didn't I? OK I have no talent training dogs but can train a cat to not obey in a heart beat :)

  • jaybird
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    ~ Decorating:I have been a "decorator" since I was a small child. Sometimes are better than others however :^)

    ~ Hair: definitely out of the room when this was handed out!

    ~ Clothes: nope, just average
    ~ Music: I can't sing worth a darn, but I can play every instrument that I have ever run across and some of them have been quite odd. I am a professional musician, and a retired high school band and choir director.

    ~Painting/Drawing/Sculpture:no eye and can't draw a striaght line with a ruler...HOWEVER, when it comes to hanging something on the wall, I can tell you if it is even 1/32nd off!! My poor DH suffers....
    I am a fair photographer and would like to know more...
    DH has some award winning photos.

    ~ Sewing: if you can show me a picture, I can copy it in fabric. I do more home dec sewing, but I can also make clothes and do tailoring.

    ~Writing:I can write, but I just don't like to spend the time it takes to write well!

    ~Dance: definitely out of the room when these talent genes were passed out!

    ~Landscape Design/Gardening: NO TALENT..I don't kill plants, but my best effort is dig a hole and stick it in!!

    ~Cooking & Baking:I like to cook and do fairly well...baking, not so much except for pies and yeast rolls. They are my specialty and the items that everyone requests when they come to visit.

  • happytobehome
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Try not to be jealous, but I have the best talent ever! It brings me much acclaim and fortune, and is ever so useful! My talent is .... wait for it ..... creating church bulletin boards. Okay, so I lied. It pays nothing and few people ever see my work, but it's the only thing I'm any good at and it's fun.

  • sweeby
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have a fabulous little talent I haven't seen mentioned here yet...

    I can come up with the best dirty song lyrics in no time flat. Just name a popular little ditty and I can turn it into something awful that'll have you either beet red or rolling on the floor.

  • patty_cakes
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I don't know if I have a particular "God given talent", but the things I enjoy doing, I seem to do well at. I've always had an interest in decorating, and my first project was in Home Ec, decorating my bedroom. I was always moving things around at home, and would tell Mom if I didn't like a lamp, paint color, furniture, or whatever. When I married, and was 'on my own' I was always aware of how my house looked, and not having a lot of money, would put things on layaway.

    Writing/i'm very descriptive!

    Flower arranging/this is something I do a lot for others as well as myself. I find it goes hand-in-hand with decorating, and love to 'put something together' when I get the chance.

    Painting/took lots of lessons, and at least know brush strokes. Haven't painted anything but furniture or walls in years.

    Singing/I *love* to sing, mainly in the car. I can reach some pretty high notes. I sang in the church choir when I was a kid, but didn't look forward to going to chrch, just singing. LOL

    Dancing/I can boogie-down with my 3 DD's pretty well! I took ballet lesson with my youngest DD several years ago and still remembered 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th position as well as tour jete, and plie'. I was still fairly light on my feet! DD found it difficult, and we only took 6 weeks of lessons.

    Sewing/sewed a dress for a beauty pageant oldest DD had entered years ago, and almost all her clothes in seventh grade. About the only thing I sew now are hems, on the machine, but will be attempting slipcovers for slipper chairs soon.

    Gardening/fairly successful w/Roses and various flowers, especially wild flowers. I don't have too many things die, unless it's lack of water! LOL

    Cooking & baking/great cook, too lazy to do much baking. I don't uses 'boxed' mixes, only cakes and brownies. I'm a 'from scratch' cook.

    Fashion/I worked in ladies ready-to-wear for 20+ years, so feel I have a very good sense of fashion, and what works for me and what doesn't. I don't spend as much $$$ as I used to, cause I would rather buy things for the house. Since i'm no longer out there working, I can save a lot!

    Most of all, I have a real passion for the things I do enjoy, and always put 100%+ into it! I have an antique space at a local antique mall, and find that's become my creative outlet for a lot of things. I get many compliments, which makes me want to do more, so I feel my efforts are not in vain. ;o)

  • cooperbailey
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sweeby, I like that about you!!

  • patty_cakes
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Soooooo sweeby, whatcha waitin' for??? ;o)

  • sweeby
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I've already been to Disneyland once!...

  • patty_cakes
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Soooooo, live on the wild side, girl!!!LOL

  • nicole__
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    sweeby....I think you've got me beat too! Darn! :0)
    Just leave out the ll's and k's.....ya know....:0)

    They say it takes a genius to be a I am quite serious when I think this is a talent! :0) and I like funny ladies!!!

  • newdawn1895
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have always loved decorating and always will. When I was in my early twenty's I saved half the money to buy into Decorating Den and then chickened out. This is one of my biggest regrets.

    And I can make a toad look like a princess, make up is my middle name. Afterall, I do live in the makeup capital of the world, Birmingham, Alabama. (lol)

    I did hair until I got married and loved it, but decorating was my true love.

    I can't sing or play an instrument or draw a stick man, wish I could.

    I love to cook and I think I set a pretty table.

    I wish I was good at sports but I am not.

    I guess that's it.


  • excessfroufrou
    14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I'm good at hair or any other girly persuit. I owned a salon for 12 years and was really good at figuring out what people wanted.

    Same goes for decorating, I have always enjoyed it and I have very specific taste, but I have a good sense of other people's likes and dislikes. I've always had a good sense of color.

    I can do pretty much anything with a sewing machine, but only do decorating projects these days or a craft project now and then. Anymore you can buy clothes for less than you can make them.

    I used to be terrible at gardening, I envied everyone's yard. I found out if you throw enough time and money into something you most likely can be good at it too, I love, love, love gardening.

    I wrote a cooking/recipe column for a local newspaper for a couple of years, so I guess that my writing and cooking skills are decent, neither interest me much anymore.

    My friends say my talents, are party hosting, bargain hunting, crafts and dog training.

    I missed the boat when it comes to anything musical. I had piano lessons as a child and again (I hate to give up) as an adult and still can't play doodley squat.

    I would love to sing, and do sing karoke at home, the dog runs outside everytime she sees me near the karoke machine. It's that bad.

    I've done a little painting, but have no real talent.

    I'm good at organizing things: my time (and everyone else's if given the chance), closets, events, cabinets, you name it, I like things tidy and on time.

    I am terrible at all sports and have been all my life. I play golf with DH now, he only wants me to play because I make him look so good.

    I'm terrible at anything technical or electronic including computers.

    I can't remember a joke or tell a joke worth a flip. I have trouble remembering lots of things lately.

    Oh well that sums me up, I am what I am.