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Summer trip to New England and Canada

9 years ago

We are planning our summer vacation. I'd like to keep it to about 2 weeks, but we could do 3 (I just hate to be away from our home when the garden is peaking, etc).

The purpose of this trip is to give a sort of "sampling" of the Northeastern part of the continent (we did the SW last year, and in future years will do the SE and NW). Of course we live in CT and have family from Phila. to Boston, and we've already done DC and Martha's Vineyard, so I am focussing more north.

We are pretty hardy travelers, 2 days in most spots and 3 days in some is fine for us. We will drive a lot of the way and then fly where it makes sense. We have three kids, 9, 10 and 13. Light hiking, kayaking and such would be nice. They are good tourists.

Here's a tentative itinerary. I would love suggestions.

Drive from CT to our first stop, Portland, ME, overnighting to see family on the way.
Then Portland to Acadia Nat'l Park
Acadia to Bay of Fundy.
Bay of Fundy to PEI.
Fly PEI to Montreal.
Fly Montreal to Toronto
Drive Toronto to Niagara Falls.
Fly home.


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