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Recipes for Super Smoothies Needed

10 years ago

The commercial liquid foods we'd been feeding DH thru his stomach tube were causing bad reactions. At Christmas I stopped feeding him any of these at all and am now making smoothies with either a vegetable base or an Oatmeat/fruit base. He is tolerating these much better and seems to be healthier than before.

I've been buying only organic fruits and vegetables -- and a large variety of all to put in the smoothies. I also occasionally make smoothies out of soups. All must be strained to remove large fibers, etc.; I try to not use the super fine strainer because I think a little fiber is good for him too. Some of the Health Food suppliments wont go thru the strainer and so are a waste of money.

DO any of you make super nutritious smoothies?
What are the best foods to use?
How about herb and spice additions?

Consider the fact that this is his only nutrition source, plus daily doses of a pure protein suppliment.

Thanks to any and all who have good ideas to share.

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