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Causing scratches, breakages on Induction Cooktop

9 years ago

Induction cooktop owners, please share your experience.

We are deciding between gas cooktop and induction cooktop for the upcoming kitchen remodeling. At this point, Thermador brand looks like a good choice.

We read quite a bit "pros" and "cons" on either choice, it comes down to the concerns of scratches and breakages to the induction cooktop.

We have a large collection of Le Creuset cookware that we know could be used on induction cooktop. Yet the bottom of these pieces are cast iron, would it cause scratches if slide them over/across the induction cook top?

May I ask how careful we would need to be while using the induction cooktop? Le Creuset is heavy and retains great amount of heat, would it break the top if we move a pot or pan from a burner where we just used to a cool surface?

Or will it cause damage/breakage if we do not put a cookware down on the induction cooktop very gently and carefully?

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