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Anyone here have trouble with a Zojirushi bread machine

16 years ago

I have a Zo supreme home bakery the kind with the 2 kneading blades. The top crust only gets slightly very light brown and the bottom crust is thick, brown and hard. I have tried everything possible and wondered if the Zo always makes hard bottom crust and light top crust. I do not remove dough from machine I let the machine do all the work including the cooking. I wanted a Zo for years and finally got one and now am not happy with the way it cooks bread. My cheap little QVC machine made much better bread. have done ALL of the recommended solutions in the manual and on their website. I can send it back for a replacement if anyone can tell me if this is unusual. I called King Arthur flour (they only use the Zo) but they only make dough in their machines and bake in oven. I even tried putting in my own custom times but the bottom crust was still very hard and the top was cooked but had almost no color.

Anyone have problems with the ZO?? Please post. Thanks !!


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