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What combo of bamix immersion blender, food proc and stand mixer?

18 years ago

I've been pouring over posts on various forums about food processors, immersion blenders and stand mixers. I still can't figure out what I need.

I just received a bamix deluxe immersion blender. I know that will take care of soups, and cut herbs, garlic etc. My old hamilton beach food processor just broke, so I'm borrowing my mothers moulinex la machine processor from the 80's. It has just 2 blades - shredder/grater disk and metal chopping blade. Maybe this is all I need.

Unless that la machine is very good, I'll probably buy another food processor. I want one that cuts/chops vegetables well (esp. onions without turning it into liquid). And general mixing. And maybe one that will allow my early tries with baking cakes or breads (so I can determine whether I would ever bake enough to warrant a stand mixer).

I'm thinking the KA 12-cup model (either 750 or 760) because I don't like the idea that with the cuisinarts you have to have the plunger in to operate - so no adding food into the chute while it's on. But here's my first question - what would I need that feature for - adding food slowly as it's mixing? Could I use it for baking, when dry ingredients need to be combined gradually.

So far I'm not a baker, but may occasionally want to bake a cake. Can I use a food processor for those times? I've never made bread, but have some idea that I'd like to give that a try. Are there food processors that are suitable for occasional small batches of bread (I am likely to use whole grains - not white flour).

My thinking is to get a food processor that will allow some minimal cake and bread baking. If it turns out I'm interested in baking more frequently, I'll look into a stand mixer (I'm thinking DeLonghi or the electrolux assistant - based on posts here).

All these are preliminary ideas (although I do own the bamix immersion blender). It's hard for me to sort out whether I can get by without a stand mixer. And I think I'm overlooking many considerations in what to look for in a food processor.

Anyone who can help me sort this out - or just point out anything else I should think about. My lack of clarity in considering these small appliances is reflected in my difficulty in articulating this post. HOpe this makes sense. Thanks.

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