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Possible one-story layout?

10 years ago

I would appreciate everyone's thoughts on the plan I'm going to attempt to link to below. My apologies if it doesn't work, I haven't posted from my iPad before ( in case the link doesn't work, the plan is the Tallaway by Mitch Ginn).

We've been working on plans for a while, but we took a break to reconsider what we wanted. Due to a change in our situation, we'd like to start building soon. Our prior plan was too large, and after review we think our best option is to go with a one story layout where all necessary rooms are on the main floor. We would also have a walkout basement, and probably a bonus room upstairs.

What, if any, problems do you see with the first floor layout? There are a few things we would change, such as adding windows to the second wall in the Family room and wrapping the porch/ deck around both sides of the family room. We would also flip the left side so that the garage is in front and the master bedroom in the rear.

A specific point I would appreciate feedback on is the keeping room. Throughout the process, I have always said that we don't need more than one living space on the main floor. But, I see that this could be a good layout for entertaining. I've also considered converting the keeping room to dining space and using the dining room on the plan as office space.

The other option is to chop off the keeping room. In that option, we would add cabinets/ counter on that side of the kitchen and windows. Not having windows in the kitchen space is somewhat troubling for me with the current layout, although I think it would have plenty of light.

It's just the two of us at the moment, and 4 dogs (we just inherited two of them when their owner died). We would like to entertain and host family gatherings. We have out of town relatives who regularly visit and would stay with us. As the plan is drawn, the keeping room would overlook to the rear our backyard and a pond at the bottom of our property. To the right of the plan is the lake (view, not direct access), which would be visible from the keeping and family rooms, as well as one of the bedrooms.

Again, I'm mainly interested in thoughts on the main floor. Thanks in advance.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tallaway by Mitch Ginn

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