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I guessed Annie was my partner, but boy was I still surprised!!

18 years ago

First of all I must tell you all that I had figured out that Annie was my Swap partner from the thread that said e-mails had gone out. Annie posted something about being delighted with her choice and that her swap partner should be afraid. Don't tell me why I knew this but I was darn sure. So today I was all in a tizzy waiting to see if I really was correct and my goodies would be here to tear into. I called and IM'd DH often throughout the day to see if it had arrived. I also made him drive to work so he could bring home my box. At 3:30 there was still no package as the mail was not at the post office yet. Argh!! I began to think maybe I was wrong. But DH called as he was leaving the office to tell me he was struggling under the weight of my box.

Sebastian, my 3 year old, and I waited expectantly on the porch for Lewis to appear with the box. Julian, my 5 month old seemed unconcerned. And oh such Goodies. So my box contained:

On the very top were gifts for Sebastian and Julian. For Sebastian there was a pad of assorted papers (construction, tracing, doodle) and really cool paint pens. The paint is in the handle and comes out of the brush. After opening it Boo happily painted as I dived deeper into the box.

For Julian a stuffed Robin bird, which was apparently chosen because it is the Michigan state bird, and not for his mother's name. I gave it to him and he promptly showed his approval by tasting the bird. Yes I have a second child who explores the world with his mouth.

Two, yup two, sampling packs and one lonely bottle of Boyajian Oils. One pack contains Basil, Lemon Pepper, Roasted Chile, Garlic, Lemon, Lime and Orange, and then a small bottle of Wasabi Oil. Last night I put some of the basil oil on beets. Yum!! btw, the serving dish is from Debbie814 and my first ever swap. It gets used often. I also drizzled some on a sliced tomato at lunch today. Wow, I have a feeling I will be using this up fast and it becoming a staple in my kitchen.

There was also culinary treasures from Michigan. Honeycup mustard, delicious on the roast beef sandwhich I had for lunch. Seafood sauce which looks yummy and I really should have tried on last nights salmon burgers. Hey, I was proud I used what I did in dinner. And then dried tart cherries. I actually usually have these in the house as Sebastian eats them first thing in the morning while he is waiting for me to make breakfast. However I had just run out so this really saved the day.

But wait there is beautiful cracker plate made by a friend of Nancy's (Wizardnm), and vanilla from Penzey's.

Then there where more items from Penzey's Rogan Josh, Bangkok Blend, Rogan Josh, Adobo because I love to cook food from other countries. Vietnamese Cinnamon, Four Peppercorn Blend, and Fleur de Sel because Annie loves them. Well the peppercorns went in my second pepper mill and where great on the beets as well as my tomatoes at lunch time. I also used the salt on both those items. I know I will love all of it. Of course there was also a Penzey's catalog and a copy of the first issue of Penzey's One.

Then for the canner in me there was also a wonderful book of jam and jelly recipes that are perfect for me. Annie knows from the Harvest Forum that I prefer no added pectin recipes, as well as adding alcohol or herbs to my jams. Well the Mes Confitures cookbook is filled with inspiring recipes like the kind I like to make (and eat). I am so excited by this cookbook!!

I already know how wonderful the recipes are as I made the "Seedless Raspberry Jam" from it on Saturday, Carol (readinglady) posted the recipe. Having some of the jam on bread seemed to improve Sebastian's mood when he woke up from his nap. I figure the other recipes will be as good. Of course Annie included special elite Ball canning jars to put the new recipes in. I will have to decide what recipe is deserving of these jars.

Lastly a Visitors Guide to Michigan. I will happily read this once I am done reading the jam and jelly book. Okay, maybe I need to make a few of the recipes as well. Now where to find some unripe apples so I can make the apple jelly that is used instead of pectin in many of the recipes.

Thanks so much Annie. I will think of you whenever I use my new treasures.


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