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Central Vac w/ hide-a-hose - disadvantages?

12 years ago

The company that gave me a bid for installing a central vac is strongly discouraging us from using a hide-a-hose. I've heard great things about it and I don't think I'd actually use a central vac w/out one but here is the critique:

*Since each valve requires its own hose, Hide-a-Hose requires special fittings and piping, and requires increased labor and planning time your installation price (labor and materials) goes from $125 per valve standard CV install to $700 per valve on a Hide-a-Hose.

*The hose is stored inside the pipe that carries the dirt. Every time you pull that hose out it brings dirt and dust back out with it. The hose gets very dirty and dingy in a very short period of time. Plus the dirty hose rubs up against the customers walls and furniture getting them dirty.

*You cannot use an electric power nozzle with the Hide-a-Hose only air driven carpet brushes and suction only tools. If your customer is going to have any carpet at all she will lose 50% power by using an air driven brush instead of an electric motor driven brush.

I would appreciate any insights as to how valid these criticisms are... Thanks so much!

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