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Tiling above fiberglass shower/bath insert

15 years ago

Never have done tiling, but am pretty handy. Have perpetually peeling paint in section of drywall above insert in kid's bath. Want to tile that section to eliminate problem. DW decided she wants subway tile. The vertical dimension from the ceiling to the top of the fiberglass unit is different in various spots on the 3 walls, from ~20 to ~20.5 inches. She says she wants the cut pieces on the bottom (meaning she wants me to start at the top), but what I've read about tiling says to always start on the lowest point of the bottom, measure up a tile width and 2 joints, then install a a level ledger for the first course. Am concerned if I start on the top with the 3/16 spacers, that half-inch is going to bite me. Any help you can give is appreciated!

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