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Linen closet dimensions and pictures - please post

12 years ago

I am planning two linen closets but am not sure of dimensions such as number of shelves, distance between each shelf, etc. Can you please post pictures and dimensions of your linen closet?

One linen closet is outside my powder room and will be shared for guest bath as well. I am thinking of arranging it in tis manner: highest shelf will have bedsheets, pillows, cushions, etc.; second shelf will have towels and handtowels; third soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc.; lowest one will have a laundry hamper, toilet paper rolls, paper towels, etc.

The second is in my master bath and will be arranged in this manner: Highest and/or second shelf towels, handtowels, etc.; third shelf DH's clothing; fourth shelf my clothing; lowest shelf will have toilet paper rolls, paper towels, etc.

Am I missing anything?

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