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Pleasing dimensions for a linen closet

8 years ago

We're designing a floor to ceiling built-in which will go in this landing area, at the foot of the stairs.

Here's the space looking straight on at it.

It's approximately 36" wide and depth will be 17". Existing trimwork will be removed and redone.

1) Inset doors and drawers.
2) Would like 2 tall drawers to store comforters/afghans for easy access in the family room)

I'd like it to look interesting and attractive but am not sure what the correct proportions should be. Are there rules of thumb regarding height of upper doors with lower drawers?

Here's what it looks like in Sketch-Up. 93.5" tall, assuming 5" each for upper trim and some sort of baseboard. Those are two upper doors.

Any suggestions or tweaks to improve? How much clearance should I allow for the inset upper doors to open?

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