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Is your house smaller than you thought it would be?

11 years ago

We are building a 2100 sqft chalet, 3 bed, 2.5 bath. like everyone else that is building, we try to get to the build sight as much as possible especially now, while they are framing. When the foundation was poured, our initial reaction was "this looks really small". Out came the tape measure, thinking the foundation guy screwed up the dimensions. Lol. Nope, all was correct.

Then the framing started and things were looking more "normal" with respect to size. The 26' tall prow wall looks awesome and really gives the house prominence. Yesterday, we went back and more walls had been put up. We quickly realized things were yet again too small. For instance, our large couch won't fit comfortably in the great room as it will be too close to the sliding doors. The loft area upstairs, where we figured we would put the computer desk also likely won't fit. Seems like we should have designed our house around our furniture. It's not all bad as we wanted to replace some of the furniture with something a bit nice and mature. This is our 1st house build and according to my wife will be our last:).

Anyways, it's funny how things on paper look so much bigger. We're very excited and know everything will work out, but just wish things were a bit larger here and there. Coming from a 3700 sqft colonial, we knew we wanted to downsize and have an open floor plan, but this seems to have gone almost too far towards the smaller size. Looking back, we probably should have visited more of the builder's homes in progress and brought a tape measure to get a better idea of how our house plans would compare. It will certainly be a cozy house and very energy efficient.

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