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Vent a Hood vs ???

13 years ago

OK, I have read old threads. A couple of people are VERY outspoken about their preference for certain brands of vents (particularly Modern-Aire).

My local appliance guys have strongly suggested Vent a Hood for my island install and I just want to make sure I am not making an expensive mistake. I believe they like it because I need a custom liner with high CFM internal blower on an island. It has enough depth to offer good coverage.

Are there people who really like their VAH hoods, particularly with an ISLAND install?

I am looking at the Vent a Hood Pro 48" liner w/ 1200 CFM (TH448PSLESS). I can get it for $2500, which is a good price for this system. I get the impression that most systems, including MA, are gong to cost about this much (+/- $200ish) once hood + motor/blower are purchased.

The install is slightly complicated. We are replacing an inadequate Gaggenau 600 CFM island downdraft with a NEW custom island hood installed in the ceiling.

Here is the tough part:

My house is a 3 story split-level, built into the side of a steep hill. The kitchen is on a middle floor, with bedrooms above and below. There is no crawl space, nor do we have an attached attic. Duct will vent 25 ft off the ground, out of the side of the house. About 10 ft of duct between appliance and wall. Liner must have internal blower.

The island will have a 30" induction cooktop (Bosch) and a 15" Gaggenau grill (LOTS of smoke). My husband loves and uses the grill frequently in our current kitchen.

1) I need at least 46" width + significant depth for island

2) High CFM (900+) because of island instal and smokey grill

3) Noise isn't a HUGE issue- Grill is rarely used when we have guests. I can handle the noise while grill is in use.


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