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What are the cons to ordering a toilet online vs through plumber?

10 years ago

It looks like we might order new Toto toilets online since there are no Toto showrooms near us. All the plumbers in our area are in love with either builder brands or Kohler toilets. I really would like to get Totos.

The plumbers keep telling us if we order online, they will not warranty the toilet itself. Understandable. Is that a big deal? My DH is not a fix-it guy, and neither am I! So if something goes wrong inside the tank, not sure if it would be too hard for us to fix it. ??? Does Toto warranty their toilets and how long? What if the toilet cracks or leaks? Will Toto replace it or fix it?

Just need some advice or guidance here, whether we should order a toilet we don't really want through the plumber, or order Toto's online and be responsible for fixing stuff.


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