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Can you install an internal blower in a Prestige high capacity?

10 years ago

Ahh!! Tired of going around in circles, so hopefully some out there has the answer!

Looking at the 40" Prestige high capacity liner/insert UIBTF40NB (tee pee style), to go inside a custom hood:

I LIKE that it has more coverage (depth 22.5") vs. the Prestige power pack liner (15"), but only the power pack comes pre-installed with a blower. The user manual link online recommends using an external/in-line blower, but since my hood will vent immediate to an exterior wall (~1 ft) it does not make sense to pay the steep price for a remote/inline blower that will not help much with the sound (in my situation).

Pg. 2 of the user manual says: "Either an interior, in-line or remote blower may be used with Prestige hood liners and power pack inserts. Other blowers CANNOT be substituted. Select the series best suited for your application. Units labeled "LINERS" are for use with in-line blowers or remote blowers."

I remember reading on a thread here that Trevor "specially installed" an internal blower on the high-capacity liner for someone. Is that right? Is it fine to do this, and should anyone who is experienced putting together hoods be able to do this? Or will it invalidate the warranty?

I tried emailing Trevor about it, but haven't heard back :(

FYI, the price of an internal blower (Prestige IBPL "Internal Blower Kit for use with any PL Hood") is $350, versus the Prestige inline or external, both ~$1200. Crazy!

So my choices:

1. Prestige high capacity with awesome depth coverage, with more affordable internal blower (if possible to install)

2. Prestige high capacity with awesome depth coverage, with super expensive external/inline blower (I think this is way too expensive, no thanks)

3. Prestige power pack, only 15" depth coverage, but pre-installed blower

4. ModernAire PSL340 (1200cfm) liner - I think 22.5" depth also. Price is comparable to power pack.

I also read somewhere that although Prestige and ModernAire are neck to neck in performance, since I'm getting a liner, the Prestige has a slight edge; ModernAire would be the choice for fit/finish (if I were to purchase a full hood). If I'm just splitting hairs, please let me know and I'll just make a decision already!! Thanks.

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