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Wolf vs. Prestige Hood Liner w/ ext blower

14 years ago

After running in circles (don't we all?) I've finally decided on either the Wolf or Prestige baffle style hood liner with an external blower for my Wolf 6 burner rangetop. It will be housed in a custom wood hood made by the cabinet maker. Think we have the CFM's worked out and the basic ducting layout.

Here's my question---is there anything you know about either of these that would tilt the decision in favor of one or the other? Wolf set-up is $200 more (used to think that was a lot of money), both have infinitely variable speed controls and same CFM blowers available. DH thinks Wolf is the "easy" solution since we can get it from the appliance dealer, while the Prestige needs to come from another supplier.

Thoughts? Experience--good/bad?


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