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Induction double oven range Whirlpool-colors

10 years ago

I posted this at bottom of an old white induction thread but got no reply so am trying again. Whirpool has a new double oven induction range out. Today I chatted with a service rep and below is what she reports. Maybe if enough of us write in with our preferences, eventually we'll get that white range. They also have a single oven version with a warming drawer. Both have a feature called "accubake." Here's the single oven:[WFI910H0AS]-1020897/WFI910H0AS/
Here's the help link where you can register your preferences by chat or online or by phone:

Mallory W.: The induction range with two ovens is a brand new product Whirlpool is releasing. Once released and sold, Whirlpool will evaluate whether or not the range will be offered in other colors in the future. Based off previous performance with induction products, this is very likely. However, we are not able to guarantee this or advise when other colors would be available. I will certainly document your concerns with wanting this option.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool double oven induction range stainless

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