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Is it code to vent a bathroom fan out into the garage?

15 years ago

Not sure if this should go here or over in Heating and AC??

Upgrading the noisy low CFM fart fan in our downstairs guest large bathroom to a nutone In line fan 250 CFM unit. I am not sure where the other 3" line ran off to . I see the old 3" hose is headed and can only imagine it turned and headed up 2 floors into the attic. If it did they had a 70 CXFM fan on about a 40' run in 3" flex duct. I have never seen it there. I swear it just vents into the furnace room About a 20' run and smells up the whole area and doesn't vent the shower moisture very well.

Just checking to see if its ok for code to vent this 6" line about 10-15'out into the garage?

Not sure if there is a fire related reason in the code or something. I don't think I have a choice. I will hook this fan up to a 15 min timer or else it sure could suck in alot of cold air in the winter.

I am also putting in a 1000w Dimplex 120 v wall heater.

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