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Weight loss support for March

15 years ago

Here we go again! I can't believe it's already March. I spent an hour at the gym yesterday. It went OK. I used the treadmill for 30 minutes at 3 and 4 miles per hour. I kept switching back and forth. Then I moved on to the exercise bike for 15 minutes. Finished by playing with the ab (crunch) machine and the checked est press machine. I did break a sweat, so that was good.

As far as food, I haven't been saying "NO" to myself as much as I should be. I checked in at 215 lbs today... I've been both heaver and lighter before!

They just opened a Sweet Bay close to me (as if Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Wal-mart... and the new Super Target weren't enough)... though I didn't like them tearing down the woods to build it, I went for the first time last night and it was LOVELY! For the first time in my life, I bought carrots with the "green stuff" still on them. And, cute baby cucumbers that taste awesome! I shan't name some of the other things that made it into my cart as not to incriminate myself (if you happened to be there too and noticed some guy in a white T-shirt shoving Friendly's Ice Cream and fried chicken into the trunk of his purple Honda, that was my evil twin, I PROMISE!). I had a great salad for dinner! The store was very nice and employees were friendly. Prices on convenience foods were dreadful, but the real food didn't seem bad.

I also had a workout on Saturday night. I bought a 27 inch TV (I've had a 20 inch for years so this is huge for me) from a friend who lives on the THIRD FLOOR... and it was NOT one of those new fangled flat models. I am glad I didn't throw my back out, and would like to think the experience gave me a few more lumps of muscle!

So, how is everyone else doing in their endeavour to shed pounds?

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