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Question on initial set up of ex. hard drive

14 years ago

HP Pavillion, Vista, 64bit, 2DuoCPU. 4GB, Use FF

I have purchased a WD External Hard Drive (Essential 1.5 TB) to replace one I have that does not have much room left on it...and to do a back up of my system. I do not have a system backup anywhere, all I have is the factory install disks and files and pictures on the external hard drive that I am replacing.

Here's my question...My impression is that the new hard drive is a 'plug and play' and is formatted NTFS, BUT may need to be partitioned if required.

Will I need to partition? I want to do this right to start with, set it up to make a system backup and automatically copy files and up date on a regular schedule.

If I do need to do a partition I can find the instructions and hopefully I can get it done, but I have no knowledge of this subject. If I do need to do the partition I have no idea what percent to do for a separate system backup.

I guess I will be using the program on my computer,.. "Windows Complete Backup and restore"


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