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Questions about a very, very tight fitting upstairs bathroom!

14 years ago

I will have a very tight fitting bathroom in the upstairs - under the sloping roof. I would like to know if this would qualify under code.

There will be a 36" square shower such that the stud height in the back will be 73". I believe that I can purchase a 72" high stall, so I should have no problem fitting something in there (and could always go with a shower base and walls if not.) The roof slopes up at 3/2, so the minimum 80" (as measured from the subfloor) would start at 4-2/3" in, or the same as if the shower were only 31-1/3" deep. I figure that so long as 30" of depth is under 80" height, I should be OK. I suppose that if not, I could go with a minimal 32" deep shower, and move it an inch or so back (but that would cause exacerbate the next issue.)

The other issue is that there is only one place to put the electrical switches next to the entrance door, and if I were to use 3 horizontally oriented switches, it would be about 1/2" away from the stall - but if I were to use an all-in-one switch set, it would be about 4-1/2" away. (NOTE: if the shower has to moved up to deal with the preceding issue, then these lengths would be decreased accordingly.)

I suppose that I could put the switches along the vanity, but then they would not be next to the door. Is it still allowed by code to put a chain from the ceiling for the light? I could put the fan and heater switches anywhere with no problem then.

There is also the possible issue with the height of the wall in the back of the vanity, at 68-1/2" (sloping upwards at 3/4, so the 80" threshold is covered by the time it would get to the end of the 19" deep vanity counter.) If the 80" rule were to apply to the sink as well, then this definitely would pass, but my architect seems to think that it would not be a problem (of course, he also seems to indicate that the problem with the shower height is also not a problem - he has not looked at the electrical switch situation.)

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