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Need bath tub advice

12 years ago

I'm just starting to plan my bathroom. I have an 1840 Greek Revival, I like clean lines and sort of a fusion between historic/classical and modern design. I'm going to be putting both a freestanding 72" tub and a small shower in my upstairs bathroom. We need to accommodate a man who is 6'2" and a woman who is 5'4". I'd like feedback on a few things.

Whirlpool or air bath? What do you prefer and why? I'm leaning towards a whirlpool because I know what to expect, sensation wise and the massing jets are very appealing, especially because we both have lower back problems and I have rheumatoid arthritis. I know that a whirlpool can really work wonders. I've never used an air bath and don't know much about them.

The luxury bells and whistles like aromatherapy and chromatherapy, waste of money or worth every penny? Any opinions on or problems with these features that I should be aware of?

Brand ... I'm willing to spend the money for something like Bain Ultra (or another premium brand), if it's worth it, but I don't want to be stupid about it. If the brands that are readily and inexpensively available at big box stores, like American Standard and Eljer, are good and not plagued with mechanical issues, then I'd be happy to not spend more on my tub than my car is worth :) Do you have a favorite brand? One you would warn me to stay away from?

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