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Anyone else have a problem with Windows update?

13 years ago

I'm running Window Vista with 4GB of RAM on a 2-year-old Sony Vaio. When I went to shutdown my computer last night, I got one of those typical messages about Windows installing an update, and not to turn off the computer. After it shutdown by itself, I restarted it, and got a message after a minute or two that Windows couldn't startup, and asking if I wanted to run a diagnostic, which I did. After about 5 minutes of it working away, I got a message that it had attempted to fix some problem (unspecified), and needed to restart. It shutdown and seemed to restart normally, but, after I got the Welcome screen, it went dark and stayed that way for 5 minutes. I shutdown again, and this time it finally powered up normally. I typically install all necessary updates and have never had a problem like this. I only shutdown my computer about once a week so I don't know exactly when this automatic download occurred or what the specific update was. Just curious if anyone else was getting bushwhacked.

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