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Really need your advice on a tiling job gone wrong

14 years ago

Our tiler really messed up on tiling our bathroom. Specified 1/16 and some areas are 1/8, even 3/16!!! Some tiles are crooked, there are no spaces in the corner, horizontal lines on one wall don't line up with the next!! We didn't notice it as much on the first two walls, but the two he did today were just awful.

My wife and I are livid. We're in total mental disarray. The contractor's a nice guy, but obviously doesn't have an eye for detail. Question is, what would you recommend that we do now???

1) Tell him to stop now and get someone else to tear down and redo it. The tiles were installed with mastic on purple board for the non-wet areas. Can I salvage the tiles?

2) If he stops now, what's a fair price to pay him? I've only given him 1/3rd payment so far. Plumbing's done behind the walls and electrical should be done by Monday. He sub'd it out.

It was supposed to be a zen-like bathroom, but the installation has totally negated the effect.

Please help!! Your advice is greatly appreciated.



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