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It starts. . . . (does anyone else have dreams about decorating?)

13 years ago

Just got back. . . from a shopping spree. You guys are such enables. I never thought Id see the day I was interested in buying the below items.

Value City is closing so everything is on sale and going fast. It started out with my finding Christmas tablecloths. Remember how I said IÂd use the gold for both holidays? You canÂt walk away from $6 tablecloths when you donÂt really have any. : ) Bought one for each of my tables. Then I realized my everyday white and blue plates will look bad with the tablecloths. No problem, walked a couple isles down and found the LAST TWO sets of white dishes trimmed in gold!! I have a thing for reindeer and I got set of two acrylic reindeer with silver antlers. I had other things in my cart that I had to put back to fear DH would pack my bags. . .

Went over to wal mart and bought those clip on poinsettias in silver. I think IÂm done shopping for awhile!

On the way home I called my Mom and blabbered how I bought all this stuff. Her response was,"Why did you buy those dishes? We could just use paper platesÂ" I told you we donÂt do fancy!!

I am a little annoyed that I just noticed the dishes arenÂt microwave safe and arenÂt recommended for the dishwasher. IÂm assuming it would take the gold off? Not to mention, if I have more than 8 people I donÂt have enough matching dishes! Do you guys seriously buy 3+ sets?? IÂll use these for Thanksgiving and IÂll probably be cooking Christmas Eve. WeÂre not sure whoÂs doing what yet.

Forgot to mention last night at the thrift store I found a crystal dish very similar to one in Cattnaps pics I saved, an old silver ornament and brown transferware plate. I actually thought it was same crystal dish until I looked today. :(

HereÂs the pics.








I honestly thought DH was going to do a bunch of grumbling. However he it wasnÂt too bad. He canÂt understand why I needed the dishes. He also says how we really donÂt get company a lot so nobody ever sees our "decoration." My theory is IÂm starting with nothing here. I donÂt have any holiday stuff. Plus once we have kids I doubt IÂll be spending money like I do at times. Trying to buy it all quick! Haha

Well I need to place my bid on a really pretty, really full Christmas wreath I saw on ebay and then IÂm off to cook his favorite, baked mac and cheese. :)

p.s. after all that do you think I remembered brown paint for my Thanksgiving centerpiece basket? Noooooo.

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