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Modest hand drawn house plan, what do you think?

13 years ago

I feel a bit intimidated posting my, as I mentioned, modest hand drawn house plans. I tried using computer programs but I have a mac and I didn't like anything I tried. So it's not fancy but I hope you can understand it. I love looking at gorgeous huge house plans but this is me - homeschooling mom of 4 kids, at home, 2-4-6-8. That's their ages not the beginning of a cheer : ). I have 3 more, hence the momo7 name, but they are or will be sort of gone by the time this house is built. My husband is a nurse if anybody is interested. What else? We will be building on a 95 acre parcel of land my husband inherited from his omi (grandmother) in rural Ontario about 1/2 hour from a town.

I guess a house plan is always a compromise as this is - I would have loved a walk in pantry, a real mud room instead of a mud closet, a separate laundry room. But all in all, I'm pretty ecstatically happy with this plan. I don't know anything about house design but I have been hovering here for a couple of months so hopefully I've picked something up. So tell me what you think and I'll try to be mature and not act like Herman Munster and bang my fist on the table yelling "I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna."

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