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Anyone know what this black dust is?

13 years ago

We have black slightly oily dust around the hinges on our (not quite) 3-yr old interior doors. It's getting on the woodwork and the floors, though I don't seem to find any on the carpet in the bedrooms, not even DS's BR that he closes the door to all the time. It's been there since day 1, I noticed it on the tile near the basement door when we moved in. Thought it was graphite used to lubricate the hinges (DH still thinks that's what it is), now I'm wondering if it's metal shavings. I wiped down the bathroom door last night, it sparkled a little and showed gray on my finger though it was black on the tile. It's making a mess of the doors and trim, and smears when I try to wipe it off the tile. What can I do about it?

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