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Converting a basement tub to shower

9 years ago

We have updated our kitchen and other bathrooms. We plan to sell our house in about 2 years when we retire. In the meantime we would like to update the basement bath so it is nicer for adult daughter and her fiance (we have a basement apartment) and will be a feature in the sale, not a detriment.
It is a very small bathroom (5x7) and feels dark and crowded. We are going to replace the vanity with either a smaller one or a pedestal sink to feel like there is more elbow room. We want to convert the tub to a shower. The first contractor said that we have to move the drain to the center (jackhammering through the basement floor) and it will cost about $1500 to convert the drain. I know my upstairs shower was converted to a center drain...but is it required? Water drains from a tub whether you take a shower or bath.....what is the reason (or is there a reason) in converting to a center drain?

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