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How to Convert a Garden Tub to a tub/shower combo?

12 years ago

Hi all! I am new and have searched the forum and found a similar post to what I am asking, but not exact.

Below is a link to a sketch I did of my master bath. I want to remove the shower stall, move the toilet over to where the shower stall is and that way, it would add 6'x4' of walk in closet space to my closet (which is currently a normal closet).

In order to remove the shower stall, I need my garden tub to function as a tub/shower. I know we are going to have a build a full wall (currently, only has a 1/2 wall between shower and tub) so we can add the shower head. Besides that, I will need a plumber to move the toilet, and then we will need to tile the tub area.

How difficult is this endeavor? Can I just hire a plumber to move the toilet, and then add the shower head if we build the walls ourselves and then tile ourselves too?

Any suggestions to make this easier? Thanks!

Pic of bathroom before I moved in.

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