Printer fabric???


Does anyone know where I can locate and purchase

this - I got a CD from PC Crafter that uses it for

several neat projects...

Thanks for your assistance,


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There is some discussion of that technique going on at at least two other forums here at THS right now. Here is the one at the Quilting Forum, and even more indepth info at the one below at the Sewing Forum.

Sorry I can't help you directly... it sounds like a fun thing to try, but I just haven't yet!

Here is a link that might be useful: photo copying on fabric at the Sewing Forum

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When I was in Hobby Lobby the other day I saw some packages of fabric for printers. You might check the wall by the fabrics where all the notions are.

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I usually make my own, but I did see some at Wal-Mart the other day. It was with the quilting supplies (I make my own by ironing high thread count muslin onto freezer paper (iron to the shiney side). Trim to exactly 8½ x 11 (or 8½ x 14 - if you can set your document to print legal size). I heat set the ink with an iron after it has printed, but it will not be water proof. You can use a product called Bubble Jet Set to make it water proof. I have never tried it.

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I have done this alot. I do as GardenGirl suggests.
After my fabric is cut I use the Bubble Jet Set.
When dry I iron the sheets flat then iron onto the freezer paper.
Works great!
Best place I have found to buy the Bubble Jet Set is Dharma Trading.

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