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Photo Transfer - Help me please?

14 years ago

Hello all,

I am in charge of creating a quilt for our retiring minister. We don't exactly know the date of retirement, but we do know that she plans to retire when she gets married in Feb. 2010, so my time element is short.

We're making her a signature quilt, and I want to use photo images of her time with us to remind her of how great she has been for us, and to let her know how highly we regard her. Problem is, I know next to nothing about transferring photos to fabric. Do I need bleached muslin for the photos? Is it better to but the "photo transfer fabric sheets" I've heard about? Or should I purchase the fixatives/washouts and work it that way?

At the very least, can someone please recommend a really good book to get me involved in this process? As you can see, with all my years of experience, I know next to nothing about this kind of quilting. I've already started to acquire the signatures, and have selected a pattern that will allow for plenty of photo images. The photos are rolling in already, too, and I am hoping to have lots to work from. But my time is of the essence here, and I really am at a loss.

Won't you please help a drowning quilter? Throw me a life ring?

Thanks much,


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