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Hi, I have never been to this forum before but I was hoping someone here could help me. I need to find some free animated clip art for a project I am doing. If someone could mention a site I would really appreciate it.



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Do a search for "gif"
the .gif files are the files you see on webpages that move.
There are numerous sites that offer them for free. You just have to search. Usually I will type in "animated gif free" or something like that. Just make sure you read the terms of the site before using their gif.
Most sites also explain how to save them on your computer. One other thing, they must be opened in your internet browser to work. You didn't specify what your project was so I am guessing it is something that will be on the internet or use a browser.

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If you visit the Kitchen Table one of our members gives free "snags" that you can copy and paste. Many are animated Maybe that will help

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