How to enlarge a picture to a specif size


I have tried enlarging an image to measure 20inches by 66. I took the image to Kinkos and they were able to zoom it out which is not what I'm look for. Since, then the image is distorted. They said that they can print it but I have to take them the file in PDF form already enlarged to the size I want it. So, how can I achieve that?

I'm using it to create a stencil in which I'm planning to use it to etch a glass door. If you have any pointers I would be so glad to hear them.

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What size is the image you are trying to enlarge? You usually wind up with a pixelized image when you go from small to very large. One thing you can do if your image isn't too small, is to print it out at it's original size, then scan it using a high resolution. Then try resizing it and hopefully you will have a better quality graphic.

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