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Small neo-angle custom shower

15 years ago

Here's a floor plan for what we had hoped to do with a VERY small powder room that currently has a small bathtub/shower combo. We want to replace the tub with a shower, and liked the openness and the "apparent" space-saving feel of a neo-angle.

However, I've just shown these plans to a glass guy and his first response was "you don't want to do that!" He says the shower is way too small, that no one will be able to get "out of the spray" and some people will even have trouble just turning around. Is he right? Should we ditch this idea and go to just using the current bathtub footprint (60 in. x 28 in) for a rectangular walk-in shower, with perhaps a glass half wall some of its length and a full glass door? I am trying to keep the feel "light" (hence the glass) since this is a powder room most of the time, but I need a walk-in shower (no tub) that can have grab-bars for an elderly relative.


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