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My review of the Kenmore Slide-In Induction Range by Electrolux

15 years ago

I've now had our new Kenmore induction range running for just over a week. (Model 790.45003800) It replaces a 27 year old Jenn-Air. First I'll list the pros and cons of the range and then go over some details.


∙ If purchased on a sale, you can get this unit for $2,591. About $1,000 less than the 'regular' price.

∙ Cooktop performance is great! It has been said many times in other reviews, so no need to repeat any more details.

∙ The oven is spacious with four racks. The interior lighting is great. The window on the door is...well, it's a picture window.

∙ The warming drawer is a good size, although it does feel a bit flimsy.

∙ The build quality is great. Very sturdy (again, other than the warming drawer, which I'd rate a 3 out of 5.)

∙ The range comes with a number of gadgets. A small pan, searing rack, broiling pan, etc. It also comes with a trim kit that attaches to the wall behind the range. This is useful for putting this slide-in range in the space for a free-standing range.


∙ The clock, power setting numbers for the cooktop and the convection fan logo are all BRIGHT blue. I hate blue lights, so this was a let-down right from the moment I switched on the breaker. The clock is so bright that I can turn my back to it and tell when the numbers change because the kitchen dims or brightens. Yes, it's that bad. I wish I could darken them or change their color. The other lights are red or orange. The blue color just blurs and makes it hard to see the buttons on the control pad when the kitchen is dimly lit. :Le Sigh:

∙ The rear panel of the range vibrates as the oven warms with the convection fan on. The buzzing sound gets quite loud, so this is something I'll need to remove the range to fix.

∙ During a couple uses of the oven during the week, the oven would turn off and throw an "ERR F 14". Sometimes it would do this repeatedly, other times it would work for 10 minutes or more. I opened the control panel today and found a connector that wasn't fully inserted. Tonight I've successfully used the oven for two hours with no interruption.

∙ The glass panes of the oven door each have a small smudge in the exact same spot. Very strange, but it's never coming out.

The unpacking and installing was rather uneventful. The range is plastered with stickers to remind you not to move it by grabbing the cooktop. So don't do it. But be forewarned, it's over 200 lbs. It does take two people to move it. You put one hand inside the oven and the other grabs the lower rear. TIP: Place a towel for padding over your arm when grabbing the oven. There are edges that will hurt your arms if you don't use padding.

The information that the unit is built by Electrolux is confirmed by the manufacturer's logo stamped on the electronic circuits inside the control panel. They're made in Mexico.

Other than the connector that wasn't completely inserted during assembly, the only thing I don't like about the range is the freaking blue numbers. I hate them. But since they're sealed under the glass of the touch surface, there's no gaining access so they can be darkened with a Sharpie or anything else so clever.

My opinion is that if you need a new range and are looking for something more efficient than gas and traditional electric, easy to clean and attractive, you should give this unit consideration. The value for the money is good considering the rarity of an induction range and the fact that it's made by a reputable manufacturer (and not in China).

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