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how to remove a glued paper sticker from fabric

18 years ago

i was fortunate enough to buy 2 very pretty, never used, 55-year old damask tablecloths. i am not sure of the fabric content. both of them had very brittle paper stickers on them, which told me the dimensions of the cloths and that one was made in japan and the other from a stateside manufacturer. one is sort of a peachy/beige color and the other is white. that is the sum total of what i know of them.

when i tried to peel off the stickers, some of the paper remained, stuck to whatever glue was used to attach them. i have not touched these areas at all because i have no idea of the best way to take care of the problem. i have thought of using a credit card to scrape off what i can, or soaking them overnight in the washer with some oxyclean (they have a little "storage dust" but not much) and then trying to iron off whatever glue remains while using a piece of brown paper bag between the fabric and the iron, but other than that, i really don't have a clue. what things do you think will help with this? i would really appeciate hearing any suggestions you have for me--TIA!

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