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Gaggenau Double Convection Oven - 30 inch - Depth Issue?

14 years ago

We are considering Gaggenau ovens in our Kitchen remodel. We currently have 30 inch double ovens from GE Monogram. We were originally not going to replace them, but then I sort of fell in love with the side opening door of the Gaggenau ovens. I saw a floor model at a local store, and it appeared on first look that the ovens were not very deep. One of the only things I don't like about my Monogram ovens is that the convection fan in the back sticks out like a hat and you lose depth. My larger baking sheet barely fits in. On the Gaggeneau website, the total cubic feet shows 4.5 per oven and my Monogram show 4.4. So, I am assuming there is more room -but it could be in height, not depth. The Gaggenaue only specs at 21 9/16 deep, which is about 2 inches less than the Monogram.

Does anyone have the 30 inch double Gaggeneau ovens? If so, is this an issue? They are obviously a big investment, so I want to look at all angels before jumping in. Any additional thoughts on the Gaggeneau ovens in general would be much appreciated as well (i.e, service issues, performance, maintenance)!

Thanks much!

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