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Pared-down, non-toxic cleaning - share your tips!

18 years ago

I would love to get a list going of simple, effective, and non-toxic cleaning products and methods! We will be moving into our new house this summer (hopefully), and I want to start all over in the cleaning department. I would like to restrict my use of chemical cleaners, and limit the number of products I have on hand for regular use (simplify!). I will also have a number of new types of surfaces to clean (painted cabinets, stainless steel, unfinished ORB knobs and faucet, tile/grout, my painstakingly painted walls and trim, eurethaned pine floors, wood interior doors, etc) that I want to be careful to preserve.

I know that there are lots of good uses for things like vinegar, baking soda, miracle cloths, mild dish soap, warm water, and some elbow grease - in fact, I suspect I could clean my whole house with these! But I could really use some tips and encouragement. Anyone have any tried and true tips to share?

Thanks in advance!


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